Track 6

Just your average local band, trying desperately to be heard and loved by everyone!
We are:
* __Walid Waked__: Vocals/ Rythem guitar
* __Ahmed el-Laithy__: Lead guitars
* __Moustafa Yousry__: Base guitar
* __Amr Kadry__: Drums
* __Minat Hamani__: Vocals
__UPDATE__: I imported this blog here it used to be a blog. -Mostafa Hussein

More information on the Ubuntu laptop sold at Radioshack (and Computer Shop)

Thought I'd quickly write down here the configuration of the Dell Inspiron I saw at Radioshack City Stars:

Core i5 processor
1 GB Radeon graphics card
15 inch screen

Priced at 4500 EGP (~742 USD)

Earthquake hits south Turkey felt in Cairo

Moderate to strong earthquake hits Eastern Mediterranean Sea south of Antalya Province in Turkey - preliminary -- Michael van Poppel (via @mpoppel)

Will Morsi take oath again before parliament?

Serious question: Will Morsi take oath again for the 4th time before the newly reinstated parliament?

Please reply here as I have limited access to twitter.

المركب اللي فيها رايسين (عسكر و اخوان) تغرق

لأن كده كده في اخر النهر شلال والمركب هاتقع وتتفشفش. انا هاستمتع بالخناقة بين الاتنين واكل فشار.

نغرق قبل الشلال أو بعده مش فارقة.

قناة بهججة ترحب بقرار عودة البرلمان

صرح مصدر مسئول عن قناة بهججة على اليوتيوب ان كل العاملين بالقناة رحبوا بقرار عودة البرلمان واشار الى احتمالية صدور اعمال جديدة للقناة في رمضان.

I just rode 35.5 kilometers! Check it out on Strava

I just rode 35.5 kilometers! Check it out on Strava: Link

Actually it's more (55 km) but Strava app kept closing for no reason.

And if Morsi wants to fix some roads in his first 100 days program he can start with Matareyya which is 3 kms away from his palace.


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