Black smoke

It is this time of year that we welcome the choking black smoke that covers Cairo and the delta. The smoke is produced by burning agricultural waste mainly rice straw. The practice is widespread to the extent that the smoke produced by these fires are visible by satellite. It has detrimental effects on health and environment.

A 'study' by the State Security investigations on Blogs

A leaked State Security document titled 'An analytical study on blogs and electronic journalism' from 2006 was published recently on this site.

It starts with a brief history of ARPAnet and the Internet in general. Up to mentioning how to set up a blog and mentions both Instapundit and Technorati. It is full of inaccuracies and spelling mistakes. A preparatory school student can write a better school paper on the same subject.

أزمة البنزين

في أزمة بنزين في البلد، لأني بركب عجلة لأغلب مشاويري ما عنديش مشكلة.

عندي عربية بس مقنتع أن الدعم على البنزين للسيرات الملاكي هو اهدار لأموال الدولة على الغني اللي يقدر يشتري سيارة، اسعار البنزين لو أرتفعت الزحام هايقل.

توضيح: أنا باطالب رفع الدعم من على البنزين للملاكي، الأجره والنقل زي ما هو بالنسبة للسولار والبنزين


Reactionaries react before they think. That is why the opposition to military trials was limited in the beginning because of fear of lack of security and chaos. Now trying civilians in civilian trials is a very popular demand.

Reactionaries don't learn and following the embassy events, some welcomed the decision to reinvoke and widen the scope of the emergency laws for the same reasons.

Emergency laws gave the police almost unlimited powers over the past 30 years. Its abolition was one of the 7 demands of the Tahrir sit-in during the first 18 days of the revolution.

Yet Again!

Ok, this is it... Unfortunately i found out a little late, but our song will be played on monday the 7th of june(tomorow/today). So make sure u tune in at 8pm and wait for the song to be played, then VOTE LIKE CRAZY!!! (remember, u can only vote once per cell phone).
Disclaimer: If for any reason you do not like the song, please do not feel obliged to vote. We support democracy and freedom of choice. (just make sure you bury yourselves in a dark secluded hole where we won't be able to find you...)

What's going on???

For those who have no clue what this whole thing is about, lemme explain... The local radio station 104.2 Nile FM (Cairo)is having a "Battle of the Bands" competition. They play 2 songs for 2 local bands everyday, and you (the voter) are supposed to vote for the band you liked. You can only do so after listening to both songs and voting between 8-9pm by sending an sms to this number: 6069 stating the name of the band you vote for and your name as well.