We made it through round one, thanks to all your votes!!! We were up against an extremely tough competitor! The fight was fierce, and there was blood everywhere!! Sorry MARBLE HEADS, we thought you were great, but apparently the voting Gods were on our side this time! It was our honor to compete against you though...No hard feelings!

All alone

Hanging by in the middle of the mushroom brides

I dip my finger in a hole with two sides

Wishing washing, and making some noise

I bet those trees have never made their own choice


Hiding, but moving too fast

Breathing, but knowing it won’t last

Fishing blindly from the waters of creed

Never seemed to find the reasons not to believe

All those voices I’ve fought in my head

I never listened to a word that they said


Staring yonder, I’m creeping away I go, to a land of stone