For the disappointed activist

I wrote this in 2010, when things were far more depressing than today but I thought it was naive and stupid.

It is important to put in mind the following:

عمال النقل العام و برادلي

اتفرجت على قناة النيل للأخبار النهارده، جابوا واحد بيوعد عمال النقل العام المضربين بزيادة في الحوافز بس يرجعوا الشغل والموضوع محتاج وقت علشان في ورق محتاج يخلص واجرائات والذي منه.
بعدها بخبرين تلاته، خبر عن مدرب المنتخب الجديد بوب برادلي وأن مرتبه 35000 يورو في الشهر (يعني 282 الف جنيه) ما قالوش اذا كان مرتبه محتاج وقت وورق يخلص واجرائات ولا لأ.

Military police removes long standing street vendors

Photo from Demotix.
Military police and the useless regular police raided downtown streets and removed street vendors. From these pictures, even long standing newspaper and booksellers got their stuff confiscated.

Emergency status expired

Tarek El-Bishry, the head of the committee that wrote the constitutional declaration said that the emergency laws have expired.

Graffiti exhibit

I am yet to see this exhibition but if you are following the post-revolution explosion of graffiti works you may be interested. The exhibit allows you to draw stuff on the walls, leave comments or even deface things.

Black smoke

It is this time of year that we welcome the choking black smoke that covers Cairo and the delta. The smoke is produced by burning agricultural waste mainly rice straw. The practice is widespread to the extent that the smoke produced by these fires are visible by satellite. It has detrimental effects on health and environment.

Down with the paywalls

This year I had more access to classified intelligence (State Security) and diplomatic documents (Wikileaks) than scientific papers.


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