The following graphics would better exist in the public domain. I volunteered to do a single poster after [Nora|] asked, but it turned out to be several posters. They made an excellent impact [today at the protest|]. They were all created with [Inkscape|] graphics software which is a free/open source application that works on both windows and GNU/Linux. It is a very easy to use graphics application.

I attached the original [SVG|] so you can scale, print or modify. You might need some fonts from [Arabeyes|]

Batel باطل


__Update 2005-12-04:__ Some quotes about this poster:

``A new poster showing the president's face with the word batel in flowing calligraphy across it has become overnight as iconic as the black on yellow Kefaya logo.''
--[Ahdaf Soueif|,,1656571,00.html]

``The creativity of newly politicised young people is astonishing, like this brilliant Mostafa Hussein creation that takes a leaf from old Egyptian film posters.'' --[Baheyya|]

لا للتمديد لا للتوريث


I am not sure if anyone noticed but I tried to copy the style of hand painted Egyptian film posters.

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