Off to the beach (with your surfboard) experience

A collection of photos of cars with surfboards, heading to the beach.

These are photos of windsurfers and wave surfers. But there is not much of a difference it is the same experience. I am dying to wake up early put on the roof rack, the equipment and head to the beach.

Car, roof rack, equipment and straps

Vintage cars with surfboards:

Cute model cars:


Car ads


No need for a car

My trusty car

And the winner is...

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enta 3aref ana a7'er marra 7ateet feeha regly 3ala surf board kan 3andy 13 sana begaad :) ya3ny men aktar men 12 sana, a3taked eny law 7awelt delwa2ty belkersh elnono ely 3andy da hat2eleb 2alba sooda :D bas wallahi sa7'anteny 3ala eny 2a off to any far away place from home, wherein beach, palms and sand.

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