Big day in Libya. Some background on the MB and other islamists ahead of today's vote. /by @hadeelalsh

First ever elections in Libya today and interestingly the first after the revolution against Gadafi. The elections will bring a national assembly that will draft the constitution and elect an executive.

With security deteriorating in the east as some armed groups want more independence there and are rejecting the elections, it will be interesting to see voters' participation.

This article explains the key groups expected to rise in the elections. With some interesting background on the Muslim Brotherhood.

Though the Brotherhood has been an opposition force in Libya since the 1940s, Gaddafi suppressed the movement, jailing hundreds of its members, while some were hanged from lamp posts.

In schools, the Brotherhood were called "wayward dogs", an insult they have struggled to shake off along with lingering suspicions about their international affiliations in a country deeply suspicious of foreign meddling.