More information on the Ubuntu laptop sold at Radioshack (and Computer Shop)

Thought I'd quickly write down here the configuration of the Dell Inspiron I saw at Radioshack City Stars:

Core i5 processor
1 GB Radeon graphics card
15 inch screen

Priced at 4500 EGP (~742 USD)

Which I think is the Dell Inspiron 15R 5520 with full specs here. It says on the Computer Shop site that it comes with FreeDos and not Ubuntu, which I think is how the retailer thinks a laptop without Windows should be labelled.

I didn't switch on the laptop to see if it really comes with Ubuntu, but the orange sticker is convincing. Would be interesting to know which version is installed.

This seems to be related to Dell's initiative to sell Ubuntu powered laptops in India.

Looks promising, earlier attempts to bundle Linux on laptops were on low end ones with weird distros like TurboLinux.

Although, Linus said that main reason Linux isn't popular on the desktop is that you can't find it pre-installed, Dell has to spend some money marketing this alternative.