My online publishing policy

Is very simple. And is not limited to this blog, web services I use like flickr and zooomr etc.. are included

Anything I publish online is a form of self expression. This is something I value dearly.

If you don't like what you read or see, discuss it with me. In public or private.

Requesting removal of anything published is only valid if:

** You request the removal from me personally
** You are in it, or is directly linked to your person. (e.g: a photo, video)

If you think what I have published is yours, please tell me. There must have been a mistake.

Many things are under a creative commons license, things will be labeled as such. Otherwise, it is copyrighted.

Any medical information published here is not guidelines for treatment.


ok first comment after installing akismet

mostafa's picture

still buggy ?

And of course me being the backup service means that I still have the removed items even after you delete them ;-)

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remember the sm56 post that i deleted .. i learned from my mistake.