octopus scrubs

I wrote the following several months ago:

;:In the far future, when mutants are everywhere. Octopuses with human brains will be the most successful surgeons.

;:The only thought that makes me survive my medical school today is, I don't have octopuses as colleagues.

;:I don't discriminate against octopuses, they are biological creatures like humans. But I just can't imagine the tentacles of a female octopus going all over me.

;:So my advice to future medical students, since it will be very hard to keep a good care of your wallet. Watch those tentacles!

;:One day a surgeon made a wish that he would become very rich and famous. The second day, he woke up to find he became a giant octopus.

;:In a parallel universe, an octopus woke up found that it became a human. It committed suicide.

;:In a car accident. An octopus lost some of its limbs. As a result it had to change its career. It decided to enter medical school and become a surgeon.

In other news, [octopuses do open hear surgery|http://www.ivanhoe.com/channels/p_channelstory.cfm?storyid=10108].

;:It keeps the portion of the heart that's being worked on steady while the rest of the heart continues to beat. That allows oxygenated blood to flow through the body. It creates less blood loss and gets patients back on their feet sooner.

Today is Friday, I blog foolery on Fridays.