Video of the functions of the Limbic system

This is a very good video of a lecture by Rhawn Joseph about functions of the limbic system and the hypothalamus. It is 55 minutes in length. Contains some nudity appropriate for the context.

الاثبات العلمي لكيفية تأثير الشيطان على الانسان

ليس لدي وقت للتعليق، ولكن أقرأ بنفسك و أستمتع بالخزعبلات دي

My online publishing policy

Is very simple. And is not limited to this blog, web services I use like flickr and zooomr etc.. are included

Anything I publish online is a form of self expression. This is something I value dearly.

If you don't like what you read or see, discuss it with me. In public or private.

Requesting removal of anything published is only valid if:

** You request the removal from me personally
** You are in it, or is directly linked to your person. (e.g: a photo, video)

وائل عباس رقم 34 علي تويطر

موقع twitterholic يعرض أحصائيات عن من هم أشهر شخصيات على تويطر و المفاجئة أن وائل عباس (الوعي المصري) يتبعة 1162 شخص! و ذلك لخدمة الأخبار التي يرسلها.

wael abbas on twitter

هو مش حاطين أم الطوارئ في الدستور ؟

عندي سؤال لية دعوة بموضوع ابرهيم عيسى. قرأت خبر عرضه على المحكمة اليوم.

Every cigarette is doing you damage

A series of anti-smoking ads from New Zealand.

  1. Set a quit date
  2. Ask for support from family and friends
  3. Reward yourself for resisting temptations and avoiding risky situations.

Remember, a Shisha session of about 30-60 minutes is equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarette in the amount of Nicotine.

Video of a split-brain patient

This is a very interesting video on Youtube featuring a patient with intractable epilepsy had his corpus callosum cut.

The Corpus Callosum is very high density collection of nerve fibers that transmit information to and fro both right and left hemispheres.

He was cured from the epilepsy but he remained with a split-brain. A right hemisphere disconnected from the left one and both working independent of each other.

Joe, the patient, doesn't feel this or recognize it at all. However, the condition could be demonstrated experimentally.

Nu Pogodi! - Ну, погоди!

من منكم يتذكر الرسوم المتحركة الروسي التي كانت تعرض قبل أفلام السينما في أواخر الثمانينات و أوائل التسعنيات ؟

Nu, pogodi! Wikipedia link

Serial SAT photos of inferno in Greece




OTV: تستهزئ بالمريض النفسي و تشيع معلومات خاطئة

أستضاف برنامج "مساءك سكر زيادة" اليوم شخص ماسخ (معرفتش أسمه) لا يعلم شئ عن الطب النفسي و لكن ظريف لدرجة أنه يعتقد أن السخرية من المرضى النفسيين و أشاعة معلومات خاطئة عن الصحة النفسية هو تسلية. و OTV لم تعلن ان رأي الأخ ده هو نابع من فتحة الشرج بتاعتة.

POLSAT, dubbing and the Polish lector

In the 90s with the appearance of the satellite dish on top of the Egyptian home, the Egyptian youth suddenly became connected to tens of different worlds and spent their very crucial maturation phase in front of tens of channels from different places in the world. Connecting them to cultures, scenes and languages they were totally alien to.

One of those TV channels a Polish channel called POLSAT!

polsat logo

Kick Mubarak's Ass

Yes, finally you can do it. Kick him were it hurts, real hard.

700 live snakes on an Egyptair plane


;: CAIRO, Egypt (AP) -- Customs officers at Cairo's airport have detained a man bound for Saudi Arabia who was trying to smuggle 700 live snakes on a plane, airport authorities said.

;:The officers were stunned when a passenger, identified as Yahia Rahim Tulba, told them his carryon bag contained live snakes after he was asked to open it.

How to be an elitist doctor

Occasionally doctors do some of the following mistakes and usually they do it in social situations and in non-professional settings. With the aim of starting or maintaining conversation. In other words, they try to sound interesting and make their work sound fun.

But only if their conversation were taped and they hear themselves. They would realize (some of them) that they were highly condescending.

Some of the following are unethical. Others are not, you are not breaching patients' privacy but you are talking generally.

!Here is how to be an elitist doctor:

Discuss how ignorant and dumb some patients might be,

Discuss delusions or strange behavior of patients,

Discuss how unclean some patients might be,

POV of a first person shooter


When you are playing a first person shooter, the second player, your team mate is essential for you.

The same thing here:

;:President Bush viewed the Israeli leader as essential to Middle East peace efforts.

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