I can't stop thinking about your fateless fate

Derealization is the feeling that things in one's surroundings are strange, unreal, or somehow altered.

Suddenly, today everything around me froze in time.

A few fantastic left sitting in a small circle, CSF conscripts sitting in circles eating, a friend tired and thinking, children running after each other near a dangerous short metal fence, women trying to silence their kids sitting on worn blankets on the grass, policemen with a one inch thick stripe on the sides of their dark trousers holding walkie-talkies, a big neon green Allah sign placed on top of the Cairo governerate building, a huge Egyptian flag above Abdeen palace, green security forces troop-carrying vehicles hidden behind trees and a smoggy sky with a huge orange coloured full moon during a Ramadan sunset.

Best astroturfing fart in the northern hemisphere

Not all humans are capable of producing flammable flatus. Flatus is flammable because it contains Methane.

A clique of NDP politicians created this on their own:

From the DailyNewsEgypt:

CAIRO: An NGO was recently launched to repair relations between Egypt’s citizens and its police force, it was announced Thursday.

Named “Police and People” and created by former Foreign Minister Ahmed Maher, the organization aims to bridge the ever widening gap between the police and citizens, as well as foster awareness about the proper role for each.

دليل المفطصى للتعامل مع الشرطة و يهدأ بالك بعد كدة على طول

# المباحث تطلب بطاقتي علشان الصورة دي
بلا أدنى شك، ده دليل غير كاف و غير واف و ممكن يذهب بك لما وراء الشمس و أنا غير مسؤول بأي حال من الأحوال عن ما سيحدئ لأي مواطن(ة) وهو بيتعامل معهم.

و لكن لاحظت أني في العادة محظوظ جدا و لم أقع في مشاكل مع الشرطة بالرغم من تعدد التجارب.

How to listen to live streaming internet radio in your car

You can listen to live streaming internet radio if you have a mobile phone with a 3G connection. The phone should be able to run J2ME MIDP applications (most do). Download and install MFRadio. It is open source and free. MFRadio can only play Mp3 streams.

The second step is to be able to connect your phone to your car stereo. This is highly variable, so you will have to find this out on your own.