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[The Kiss (Auguste Rodin)|http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Kiss_%28Rodin_sculpture%29]

I can understand the reasoning behind censoring nudity on TV. I can swallow my discomfort. I am watching the film for free. But I shriek at totally spoiling a film by removing innocent kissing scenes while leaving bloody violence.

Anyone can lose a memory!

Any of your digital devices that carry a removable storage, like a flash disk, SD card etc.. can get lost.

Photo by edans.

They are getting smaller and smaller. And the chances of losing one is probably inversely proportional!

I lost a couple of SD Cards (each 1GB in capacity) in 2007!

!A simple solution

Simply create a plain text file named

Crossing gulfs

What if you want to cross the Aqaba with your windsurf to reach Saudi?

photo by [Shearwater|http://www.flickr.com/photos/shearwater/445253186/].
!Here are some numbers:
* Distance from Club Dahab to a straight line point to the other side of the gulf of Aqaba is 26 Km (minumum distance = 25 Km).