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Hungry Kids Eating BBQ Kofta

They tagged me back in 2005 and I am responding now!

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The following was never published I wrote it back in 2005. I thought I will finish it, but I never did. I think it needs to see the light.


I always tried not to reveal a lot about myself on this blog. But I think this is no longer important. [Mohammed Sameer|] tagged me, I have no choice but to get it all out in the open.

!!10 years ago:
14 years old, 3rd year preparatory...

Big Screen Memories

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I had to keep the work's LCD projector for two days with me. Watched Taxi Driver with the pink dragon, the Waragi master and the Wesnothian knight. As usual I had to repay my REM debt during the film. But I have a general idea what the film was about.

Yesterday, I was lucky again and had to keep the projector with me. I watched another film, meet the fockers, it was great and everything but...

I displayed a slideshow with the LCD projector of some photos I have. It was a totally different experience.

Severe major procrastination

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Today, I decided that I will finish something related to work. Something really important that I suck at*. That I am supposed to have ready by tomorrow morning. So as usual I like keeping my ass warm, watch a movie, do some reading, checking my mail, try out all VOIP applications and did nothing related to the work I should do. I even didn't bother to bring the file from the car downstairs.

Finally, at almost 3am, I decided to get the job done. Only to discover that I left the file at work. How nice.

out of sync

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These holidays, made me aware of how I am totally out of sync with the outside world. I wake up at 12pm to discover that they hanged Saddam. I thought that he was still on trial!

While walking in the streets tonight; I find them deserted, with a sudden drop in population density. More that what is common for Eid; to discover by a phone call, that was probably annoying to the other end, that there is an Ahly vs. Zamalek match. Best thing is that my visit to some TV-glued relatives was brief as I didn't need to waste their football match.

These days, I talk alot about myself and my work. I am sure, I am now trained, after months of sensory deprivation, to think that me and my work are the center of the universe. I would like to apologize for all the people who had to suffer and listen to my narcissistic stories, and which them Happy Eid and a Happy New year.

Departure: PSY | Arrival: NEU

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All passengers are strongly advised to fasten their seat belts in the Neurology department.

After living 8 months (officially 6) in Psychiatry, I will have to start a new life in the land of Neurology.


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