Let's Map Qursaya

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Photo of Qursaya

While the Army is trying to lay its hands on Qursaya, the island has almost no presence on Google maps. I propose we change this with OpenStreetMaps.

Google maps mashups

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Created mashups of several weblogs.

Your favourite cheap automated Egyptian blogs aggregator. BTW, not all posts appearing on the main page will be displayed on the map. The admin's favorited posts only, as there is no way I can find the RSS of the whole thing.

[Omraneya + Google maps|,38.496094&spn=26.010078,40.78125&om=0&iwloc=F]

!Global Voices Online
This one is pretty cool. Global Voices Online is a non-profit global citizens’ media project. Basicly a selection of what bloggers around the world are saying. Hand picked and refined.

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