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This time, correctly calculated, I have spent 16 hours in the emergency ward. Not in one shot. 4 hours in the morning and 12 hours night shift.

It was like a disaster zone, sick children didn't stop pouring in. Mostly gastroenteritis and febrile convulsions cases. One child came with a cardiac arrest and Aya with a huge subcutaneous hemangioma over her abdomen.

8 hours

Today was my second day in a year long internship (a.k.a Emtiaz). I had an 8 hour long shift from 08:00 till 20:00. Learned lots of things, but it is very tiring. I feel like a zombie writing this.

Currently, I am in the pediatrics hospital. Some kids are just wonderful, others are annoying and lots of the kids break your heart from the painful cries or the grave illnesses. Lots of work in this hospital. And everyone is doing their best, as far as I can see.

Free Mojtaba and Arash Day

Iranian bloggers are awesome. There are almost 65,000 ''active'' blogs from an estimated 200,000. At such number any oppressive regime must be in terror, if it fears freedom of expression.

Anyhow, I hope non of the handful Egyptian bloggers will end up like Mojtaba, Arash or any of the prosecuted bloggers in Iran. Well, lets just hope that more Egyptian bloggers would start to exist and start poking the limits of freedom in the press and other controlled media.


أسمي مصطفي حسين عمر، أعمل كطبيب نفسي متخصص في مستشفى بهمان ومنذ 2016 وأنا أعمل كرئيس قسم علاج الإدمان بها، تخرجت من كلية الطب جامعة عين شمس في 2004، وعملت كنائب بقسم النفسية والعصبية، بعد ذلك عملت لمدة 3 سنوات في مركز النديم لعلاج ضحايا العنف والتعذيب. في 2013، عملت مع أطباء بلا حدود في القاهرة في مشروع يقدم الرعاية النفسية لللاجئين، خصوصاً ضحايا التعذيب والعنف الجنسي.

في عام 2015 أصبحت عضو بالكلية الملكية للأطباء النفسيين.