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No such hospital exists today in Cairo

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The following is an excerpt from a series of lectures titled [The Evolution of Modern Medicine|] delivered in 1913 by [Sir Wiliam Osler|]. He is one of the founders of 20th century medicine and known to the masses by several Eponyms carrying his last name.

Unfortunately, his statement '''"No such hospital exists today in Cairo as that which was built by al-Mansur Gilafun in 1283"''' is still true today, which is based on an account by Al Makrizi. I am not sure who is Gilafun exactly. But it looks like he knew how to build and manage hospitals.

;:"No such hospital exists today in Cairo as that which was built by al-Mansur Gilafun in 1283. The description of it by Makrizi, quoted by Neuburger,[16] reads like that of a twentieth century institution with hospital units.

Release Mohammed Sahfik NOW

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Yesterday I was outraged to know that Dr. Mohammed Shafik ,a fresh medical graduate and a House Officer in Ain Shams University Hospitals, was [arrested on Tuesday for distributing Kifaya pamphlets|;:42b18bd6:bb367fd8b95b4f?type=topNews&localeKey=en_ZA&storyID=8812508].

Mohammed Sahfik is a colleague and works in the same place I work and train in.


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After almost a month in Pediatrics, I finally managed to break an important psychological barrier. I managed to draw blood from a 2 months old. I was mostly lucky, the boy had a single visible vein. Which I attacked like a hungry leopard. With no fear I poked the needle in it. When the blood started oozing from the needle it was a great relief, I felt self confidence running through my veins. No more hesitation and avoiding venipunture for those underweight malnourished sick kids.

Go to Heaven

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To all the assholes, who think that it is appropriate to leave the emergency room and go to the Al Fajr prayer. While the ER is full of patients and a dying 1 year old with only 2 doctors giving him CPR.


octopus scrubs

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I wrote the following several months ago:

;:In the far future, when mutants are everywhere. Octopuses with human brains will be the most successful surgeons.

;:The only thought that makes me survive my medical school today is, I don't have octopuses as colleagues.

;:I don't discriminate against octopuses, they are biological creatures like humans. But I just can't imagine the tentacles of a female octopus going all over me.

;:So my advice to future medical students, since it will be very hard to keep a good care of your wallet. Watch those tentacles!

;:One day a surgeon made a wish that he would become very rich and famous. The second day, he woke up to find he became a giant octopus.

;:In a parallel universe, an octopus woke up found that it became a human. It committed suicide.

I hate Lebb even more now

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Last Sunday, a father and mother came to the ER with their young daughter. A cute 1 year old was in severe stridor, dyspneic and breathing rapidly.

The mother said that the girl's father was watching TV and enjoying some [Lebb|]. He offered his daughter one, the girl choked on it in seconds.

"What the .." I shouted in their face. "Why would you do that ? Don't you know that ..." I found it ridiculous to lecture the parents while the girl is making all those noises. I stopped turned to the resident doctor who told me to stop complaining and take the girl to the x-ray and cardio-thoracic.

I couldn't help myself, I just treated the father the worst treatment ever. While taking the girl to the cardio-thoracic surgeons. I gave him looks called him "Mr. Smart", "Mr. Genius", "Mr. Responsible". But they were so cold, gah I am sure they didn't bring their daughter right away. May be the noises she was making didn't let them sleep.

Pediatrics take 2 ... and more

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Started the pediatrics round, again.

Well, I need to explain this. The first ten days in the my internship. We were randomly distributed. I went to the pediatrics hospital in those few days. There, I got the worst flu in 15 years and had a good amount of grief and distress from the conditions of some children and the death of two of them.

After that, I had two months in Surgery. I learned lots of practical stuff. I didn't manage to attend lots of outpatient clinics, so I didn't really feel that I increased my knowledge of surgery. I enjoyed the Accidents and Emergency though. Lots of appendicitis, cholecystitis and renal colic. Most interesting were wounds and poly-trauma patients. Despite the most annoying thing about poly-trauma patients. They need lots of work.

Today, I couldn't find any information about [Aya|]. The girl with a huge Subcutaneous Heamangioma. She was transferred to another unit.


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