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Train accident in 1875 Sweden

In the 19th century, with the development of railway transportation, train accidents became a frequent source of death and serious injury.

Some of the victims claimed injury following an accident without a visible pathology. Jon Eric Erichsen, a British surgeon, in 1867 published a book called On Railway and Other Injuries of the Nervous System in it he argued that an unseen physical injury to the spine and brain caused the condition `railway spine.'

Railway spine was a concept that rooted the illness to the body and not the mind thus making it more legitimate and avoided stigma of mental illness.

Later, work by Jean-Martin Charcot, Piere Janet and Freud established the idea that overwhelming events can cause mental disorders.

Before WWI the terms “soldiers’heart,” “war neuroses” and “general nervous shock” were used to refer to the psychological casualties of combat. During WWI the term “shell shock” became widely accepted as it avoided the term hysteria. During World War II the U.S. military used the term “operational fatigue” or more often “combat fatigue.”

4 years of Gmail

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Gmail logo

4 years passed today since I signed up for a gmail account. I received an invitation via Blogger. This was about 3 weeks after Google announced the 1GB inbox.

This secured my best email address:

At that time, this was a mindbogglingly huge webmail inbox. Yahoo! & Hotmail offered few MegaBytes for each user, as far as I can remember nothing more than 5MB.

Google maps mashups

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Created mashups of several weblogs.

Your favourite cheap automated Egyptian blogs aggregator. BTW, not all posts appearing on the main page will be displayed on the map. The admin's favorited posts only, as there is no way I can find the RSS of the whole thing.

[Omraneya + Google maps|,38.496094&spn=26.010078,40.78125&om=0&iwloc=F]

!Global Voices Online
This one is pretty cool. Global Voices Online is a non-profit global citizens’ media project. Basicly a selection of what bloggers around the world are saying. Hand picked and refined.

Search Egyptian blogs | محرك بحث المدونات المصرية

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Search the Entire Egyptian Blogosphere

محرك بحث المدونات المصرية

More than 2000 blogs. In both Arabic and English.

Egyptian Pyramids on Google maps

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Pyramid sites in the Nile delta on a google map. With photos.

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