A black man is always a suspect

``I know many Muslims," he said. ``I used to live in district six. When we were boys I went to play with the neighbourhood kids. Many of them were Muslims. One day when I was five, I found them going to a house standing in a line. I thought we will get sweets, you know. But each one was ordered to take down his pants. I was a kid and I thought I will get sweets. I did so. My mum few days later discovered some blood in my pants. She asked me what happened." he laughed and said "I was circumcised with other Muslim boys!" I asked him about his own kids. "I circumcised both my kids as well. They didn't like it in church, but I think it is clean." His name was Jason a taxi driver, a protestant and lives in Athlone since the forced removals.

Danish pharmaceuticals

This post is not pro or against the boycott of Danish products. I am just asking you a question. An ethical one.

There are two very important international Danish pharmaceuticals. [Lundbeck|] and [Novo Nordisk|]. Lundbeck is one of the leading companies in producing drugs for psychiatric and neurological disorders. Novo Nordisk is the one of leading companies in making products for diabetic patients, from insulin to hi-tech means of injecting it.

Few days ago the director of the psychiatry institute in Ain Shams University entered the weekly clinical conference holding a copy of the [Ahram|] newspaper opened on a full page apology by [Jyllands-Posten|] newspaper. Behind her two men stood by, with Lundebeck pins on their suits. Obviously they were lundbeck med-reps. Lundbeck is very generous when it comes to donating money to the institute or any scientific event organized by it. There is undisputable conflict of interests, if you look at it from the boycotting team. She said that they are going to photocopy the apology and hang it in several locations around, as patients want to stop their Danish medications. The patients are in protest and she refuses their demands. Another professor explains that they can replace some of the drugs by other alternatives, but there are some injections with no alternatives on the market.