200 days of psychiatry

I have spent almost 200 days in the Psychiatry department as a visiting resident. I didn't finish residency, I am far from it. But I felt today an urge to blog and quickly write without much thinking..

If you have been following this blog, I used to update you infrequently about my personal matters and then I suddenly disappeared. With only few posts.

I got sucked in a black (or rather a rabbit) hole called the [Ain Shams University Institute of Psychiatry|].

Let me say that I am having the most amazing and frustrating experience of my lifetime. If not the most important to me professionally, if wouldn't commit suicide or choose another career. Aside from stress and the frustrations I having due to catastrophical social and recreational losses I am experiencing.

Therapeutic drugs commonly abused in Egypt

The following is a list of drugs (by their trade names) most commonly abused for their psychoactive properties. Some of the following drugs are over the counter medications that requires no prescription.

This is just a short list with Egyptians trade names. [For a more complete list of psychotropics under international control|].


Apetryl, Amotryl, Rivotryl, Clopam, Klonopin, Xanax, Zolam, Prazolam, Alprax, Calmepam, Restolam, Valium, Librium, Valpam, Valinil, Neuril, Epival, Farcozepam, Lexotanil, Bropam, Ativan, Dormicum, Rohypnol, Myolstan


Anticholinergic: Cogentin, Cogentol, Parkinol, Akineton



She was one of the top ten students in the whole country in secondary education. She asked the minister for a night job to help support her family of two parents and 7 brothers and sisters.

One day, she stopped sleeping. She became more fun and daring. Other nights she sat alone in the dark and sobbed for no reason thinking life was not worth it. One day she went to her balcony and flashed the street, exposing her naked breasts to the people. She was beaten by her parents. They didn't like her new behaviour. She was admitted to the hospital.

She said she loved me. Like any other guy she sees, she falls in love with him in 2 seconds.

I had to run away from her open arms while she chased me with a starring look and shaking hands.

Her parents took her back home, she didn't complete her treatment.

The Neurology of Love

[Italian researchers published a research last November|] that suggests the condition of "falling in love" appears to be associated with elevated levels of a [nerve growth factor|] in the bloodstream.

;:Enzo Emanuele of the University of Pavia and colleagues suspected that a diversity of biological mechanisms might be involved in precipitating the mental state called "falling in love," a state characterized by obsessive thinking about one's beloved, craving for union with him or her, euphoria, and increased energy. And one of the mechanisms that the researchers thought might be implicated are neurotrophins—brain chemicals that nourish nerves and that have been increasingly recognized as potential mediators of anxiety and other emotions.