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How to search the Egyptian Blogs

Here is how to search the [Egyptian Blogosphere|]. I guess this would be very useful.


Go to [feedster advanced search|], type your keyword and then add [this OPML file|] in the space titled "Limit to feeds in this OPML URL".


UPDATE: the above photos is a bit old please use this url

One more thing, feedster is a little bit strange. You will have to search every time from the Advanced search page.

Here are several examples:

The ultimate disregard for personal safety

Here, people don't give much thought about safety. Not even personal safety. People in many professions just don't care if they hurt themselves.

Rabak Youstor, they say. You can see workers in extremely dangerous situations not wearing anything to protect themselves. This is not only in case of blue collar workers. White collar workers too don't give a damn about the hazards of their job. Despite their higher education and knowledge about the risks. And that they should be setting an example for their co-workers.

A chance to see

There will be an event next week that you shouldn't miss. Its a chance to see and learn about great computer software like Mozilla Firefox and others. It's not for technical people and it is all about free software. It is organized by volunteers to display the work of thousands of other volunteers.

You can read more about it [here|]

ROCing the boat

Last year I attended the first phase of an intensive training course called Research Orientation Course (ROC). It provides training for medical students on scientific methods and research.

I learned a lot from this course.

I think we, medical students, are being taught in a negative way which is based on rote learning only. This results in conformist physicians who lack any understanding of the history and philosophy of medical science. And know nothing about why and how science works. Students are oblivious to the fact that what they have learned is not dogma, and medical sciences will be updated, changed and revised in the future, infinite number of times.

All of this results in graduates who will have to overcome lots of hard coded mental sets to be able to upgrade their knowledge and skills. ROC emphasizes on the importance of logic, inquiry, rationality, reasoning and scientific methods in our field.