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Egypt 'Red Card' for skilled professionals

In the US it is called the [Green card|].

The EU is now thinking of implementing a similar immigration scheme called the '[Blue card|]' to address their shortage of skilled professionals.


In Egypt, we already have a system called the 'Red card' for expelling highly skilled professionals. Ensuring that the country will keep the finest of its minds away.

صور حرائق قش الرز بالقمر الصناعي

المخالفات البيئية مستمرة و في عز النهار و بكميات مهولة. حتى أن حرائق قش الرز أصبحت من الممكن التقاطها عن طريق الأقمار الأصطناعية المخصصة لتصوير و أستشعار حرائق الغابات.

Alaa arrested

Let Alaa return to Manal

Originally by Socrates:

Alaa Abd El-Fatah was arrested today together with around ten more activists during a peaceful demonstration in solidarity with sixty activists who were arrested over the past two weeks in a non-violent sit in as well who were held in custody for two weeks under investigation for "crimes" that if anything would raise only mockery including: humiliating the president, possession of "publishing equipment"(graffiti spray) and blocking traffic. The first group of activists arrested two weeks ago was supposed to have their cases reviewed by prosecution today, so as to release or renew holding them under investigation. In solidarity with them 200 lawyers approached as a defense council, a number of judges, and a number of activists among whom were Alaa and his colleagues gathered around the court house. Authorities denied the activists entry to the court house, in addition to attempting to present the "detainees" files only, and not the detainees themselves to prosecution. For hours, Alaa and his fellow activists shouted slogans against the government, sang and showed solidarity with their detained fellow activists. At the end of the demonstration police forces surrounding the group increased, refused to let them leave and started picking those to arrest, Alaa and ten others. They were taken to the nearby police station were they were denied lawyers, or any visitors. Lawyers are now standing outside the station just monitoring in case the arrested activists are taken somewhere else, which is exactly what happened. Three of them were taken blindfolded to another police station and were released later.

The Egyptian Bulbul and other birds


I never thought that there is such a large variety of birds living in Cairo. [Check this photo collection by namq on flickr|,egypt]. Or you could check his [blog|] Notice the tags, they have the scientific name of each bird along side the English name. Never knew that a Bulbul is called so in both English and Arabic. Not only that but there is a large family of [Bulbuls|] living in Africa and Asia.

Gone windsurfing

At the same time [people are drowning|], [ships sinking|] from the bad weather and I heared that several ports were closed. I am going to Ras-Sidr.

UPDATE: I am back home, recovering from bruises and sore muscles.


UPDATE: You can see the photos [here|]

March 29: Solar Eclipse

We are one of the lucky countries to be in the path of the Moon's [umbral|] shadow in the upcoming [solar eclipse|]. We can see a total eclipse from El-Sallum. Many people are already planning their trips and are going to set up camps and other observational areas for scientists and non-scientists. I personally want to go and watch the bright disc.