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Religious harmony severed in Egypt

The Egyptian blogosphere has been agitated by the events in Alexandria that shook the country. Four died (3 killed by riot poilce), tens wounded and 100 detained after 5000 angry Muslim protesters demonstrated against a play that the protesters considered offensive to Islam. Protesters demanded an official apology from the Pope.

[Continue reading a round up of what the Egyptian blogs are saying about the tragic events|]

Wind Power

Was responsible for many bruises I have right now.


Today, windsurfing was fantastic, but really harsh for me. I returned home exhausted, fatigued and discovered a good number of bruises.


[Anna|] should have docked in front of the Manesterly palace today. She is a Greenpeace sail boat, originally built in 1901, staying 3 days in Cairo to raise awareness about climate change.

Batel (swearing-in) protest

I passed in front of the usual police and security personnel to enter and join the crowd. I noticed fewer cameras. Or was the number of journalists dissolved by the number of protesters ? I noticed copies of the "[Batel|]" poster. I started searching for other banners I made while searching for [Alaa|] or [Mohammed|] among the crowd, took me a while to find Alaa. I found [Noura|], [Mohammed|], [Amr|] and [Ahmed|]. I was introduced to [Sandmonkey|] and [Shamoussa|] for the first time. I couldn't stop bragging about my posters. I felt I don't need to shout any of the slogan, I shouted already but visually!

A blog for the theater tragedy

[This is an excellent example|] of an on-line response to a tragedy. Collecting all information and accounts in one blog. Reminds me of the [tsunami blog|]. I think we need to repeat this as soon as something happens. It is better to use our tools to bring things under one blog (or wiki), that will also serve as a scrapbook documenting the event, help people know more and access the information easily without following different blogs. It would have been a nice thing to do for the elections.

A minor quake

Whoa, a very minor quake happened few minutes ago (19:17). My heart dropped for a moment, I remembered October '92. I guess I am seismophobic. It probably lasted around 20 seconds. Till now there is no information at the [USGS website|]. May be it was so mild that it will go unreported. For sure it was due to the usual secret Israeli A-bomb test conspiracy theory.

Anyways, here is an entertaining [list of phobias|] from the [Wikipedia|].

UPDATE: The [USGS has information|,+31.080%C2%B0E&ll=29.586893,31.079636&spn=0.554777,0.897583&t=k&hl=en] about the event. Magnitude of 4.3, between Cairo and Fayoum. Here is a [google map mark of the location|,+31.080%C2%B0E&ll=29.586893,31.079636&spn=0.554777,0.897583&t=k&hl=en] of the event. I hope that this was just a spurious event and things would remain calm. BTW, the 1992 earthquake originated from an area near Al-Fayoum.

No such hospital exists today in Cairo

The following is an excerpt from a series of lectures titled [The Evolution of Modern Medicine|] delivered in 1913 by [Sir Wiliam Osler|]. He is one of the founders of 20th century medicine and known to the masses by several Eponyms carrying his last name.

Unfortunately, his statement '''"No such hospital exists today in Cairo as that which was built by al-Mansur Gilafun in 1283"''' is still true today, which is based on an account by Al Makrizi. I am not sure who is Gilafun exactly. But it looks like he knew how to build and manage hospitals.

;:"No such hospital exists today in Cairo as that which was built by al-Mansur Gilafun in 1283. The description of it by Makrizi, quoted by Neuburger,[16] reads like that of a twentieth century institution with hospital units.

Show of support to Sharm victims


Starting from Thursday 28/07 at noon, in the garden of el sakkia (in Zamalek), you can leave anything to express your feelings about what happened in Sharm el-Sheikh and about terrorism. Just put anything you want, a picture, a poem, a candle, flowers...

It will be open for sometime after this Thursday, so come anytime you like!

بدءاً من ظهر الخميس 28 - 7 - 2005

في حديقة ساقية الصاوي

اتركوا وردة ، أقيدوا شمعة ، خطوا عبارة ، اتلوا آية ، ضعوا صورة ، ارسموا لوحة. شاركونا في التعبير عن مشاعر الحزن على ضحايا التفجيرات الارهابية ، و في اعلان آرائكم في مواجهة الارهاب.

Not this way

Rumors about Habib El-Adly and other top security cheifs leaving:
;:"An imminent change in the leadership of the Egyptian security services is expected ..."

;: "...the most senior national security directors are expected to resign or be replaced, possible along with the interior minister, Habib al-Adly."

[link to the source|]