Few Points to Share from Working in Addiction Psychiatry

One year ago, I went back to working in addictions psychiatry. I think I have few points that I would like to share with everyone. And since so many people use drugs perhaps I can help answer some of your questions:

Addiction can be worse than cancer. If cancer eats away parts of the body, addiction eats away your life and the life of people surrounding you.

Addiction is a chronic psychiatric condition that varies in severity. Not everyone who uses drugs or alcohol will become addicted.

University Psychology Exam Asked Students to Assess Politicians From TV

Psychology exam paper

Today, I received a copy of the psychology exam for the masters in neurology and psychiatry at Ain Shams university. The students were given this brief essay question "You are asked to assess the thinking of a famous politician through watching him in TV show. Discuss briefly the standards you will look for during your assessments." (see photo above Q3.B)

الطب النفسي والسياسة والدعاية الحكومية

مقالي عن قيام بعض الأطباء النفسيين بتشخيص سياسين من عن بعد ومشكلة فحص المرشحين الرئاسيين نفسيا.

ترجمة عايدة سيف الدولة

مصطفى حسين يكتب:تحققت رغبات عكاشة في عام 2014، حين أدخل الرئيس المؤقت عدلي منصور شرطاً للترشح للرئاسة بأن يخضع المرشحون...

Posted by Mada on Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Psychiatry, politics and propaganda

I wrote an article for Mada on the unethical practice of diagnosing politicians from a distance.

Psychiatrist Mostafa Hussein writes about the dangers of asking renowned psychiatrists to profile politicians, political groups and society at large on television shows.

Koftagate: Dashed Hopes and Wasted Resources

The nice and patient people at the Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy (TIMEP) invited me to write a piece on the Koftagate scandal. You can read it here.

النصباية الأصلية: فتح علبة جهاز جوفر للبحث عن كرات الجولف -- تحديث: الآن بالفيديو

أشتريت من موقع إيباي جهاز عجيب جداً، في رحلتي لفضح جهاز الهيئة الهندسية للكشف عن الفيروسات عرفت ان جهاز جوفر للكشف عن كرات الجولف هو الجهاز الأصلي الّ بعد كده أعاد إبتكاره رجل الأعمال البريطاني النصاب ال باعه للعراق بملايين الدولارات وبعد كده أتحبس واتحكم عليه بعشر سنوات سجن.

box front

ملخص سريع عن مؤتمر الهيئة الهندسية الأخير

دخول المؤتمر الصحفي كان للصحفيين ال الشؤون المعنوية محددة أساميهم. صحفيين سكاي نيوز أرابيا وجريدة الغد منعوهم من الدخول. أنا قلت أني دكتور وطلب مني البطاقة وأتصلت بلينا عطااللة لأنها كانت جاية تحضر وأتفقنا نتقابل هناك. بعد 5 دقائق قال لي ممكن أدخل ولينا دخلت معايا من غير ما حد ياخد باله.

C-Fast Simulator

This is a very simple 2D simulator of the C-Fast device. Here I want to show that minor mouse movement are translated by the unstable hinge system into bigger movement. Thus try moving the antenna while looking at your hand, you will notice that it will be hardly moving.

This is an approximation of how the C-Fast virus detection device works. Also a chance for me to play with Processing.js :-)

For more information see previous posts on this blog.

Have fun!

ATTENTION ALL JOURNALISTS: #KoftaGate Press Conference Tomorrow

Egyptian Army Engineering Authority (EA) is organising a press conference tomorrow at the Qubba Military Hospital at 10:00am. According to Youm7 and Watan they will announce new information about 'their successes in the treatment of HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C' using their newly invented devices.

Time Is Running out: 30 Days till #koftagate — Update

Major General Abdel-Atty and the CCD device

El-Youm El-Sabe3 published an update on the Egyptian military devices that detect and treat Hepatitis C and HIV. Based on a military source the newspaper conveys the following points: