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No smoke without fire

in «Politics & Human Rights» by moftasa

As a fresh university graduate. It is without a doubt censorship, lack of free speech and security interference exists and is sinking the whole academic fleet of public and private universities.

More than once, in the first two years. When I didn't know about the laws regulating the universities. I …

Repeated power cuts

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WHAT IS WRONG with electricity these days. Eight (and sometimes more) power cuts a day are way too much. I can't stand it any more, I am getting extremely agitated by this. My computer hard drives will die soon. I am starting to think that this is a deliberate plan …

Go to Heaven

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To all the assholes, who think that it is appropriate to leave the emergency room and go to the Al Fajr prayer. While the ER is full of patients and a dying 1 year old with only 2 doctors giving him CPR.