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I hate Lebb even more now

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Last Sunday, a father and mother came to the ER with their young daughter. A cute 1 year old was in severe stridor, dyspneic and breathing rapidly.

The mother said that the girl's father was watching TV and enjoying some Lebb. He offered his daughter one, the girl choked on …

remembering names

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There is a big chance that I will not remember your name. You will tell me your name tomorrow, next day I will forget it. The weird thing is, if it is a totally alien name that comes from a different culture and easy to pronounce. I will remember it …

Pavements and institutions

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If you look at segment of a pavement in the street. You will come to a similar conclusion like mine; Pavements mirror the state of Egyptian institutions.

Each segment is being swept and kept clean by a Kanas. Everyday, in the morning, he sweeps pieces of paper and cigarette butts …

Leave them alone

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a kid jockey in Sudan

Human rights groups condemn the trafficking and exploitation of kids used as camel jockeys. They lobby hard to stop the use of young children slaves in such a dangerous sport. In 2003, UAE responded by a law that prohibits children under 15 or weighing less than 45 kilograms to take …

Pediatrics take 2 ... and more

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Started the pediatrics round, again.

Well, I need to explain this. The first ten days in the my internship. We were randomly distributed. I went to the pediatrics hospital in those few days. There, I got the worst flu in 15 years and had a good amount of grief and …

Quick Break

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All plans for ROC related matters collapse as everyone decides to abandon Cairo. Why not me then. I am in Marina for a couple of days.

UPDATE: I am back. Damn the me7war was so busy. I spent an hour in 8km. And as usual an air quality shock, while …