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Updates on personal matters

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Well, I didn't blog about myself since this post. Three days later I started my General Surgery rotation. It is two months long. I had 10 days in pediatric surgery. Not much work, but the operations are very cool. Not enough to learn much though.

I learned lots of practical …


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While writing this, I coined the term CarioChanging. I used it to describe a place (Sakia) that did change Cairo to the better and still has the potential to bring good things to this megapolis.

I borrowed the term from a very popular blog. Worldchanging. They describe their site as …

Blogsome is awesome

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Egyptian bloggers listen. You can now move away from blogger. Blogger is fine, there is nothing wrong with it, except that it has none of the features of a modern blog. And to add features, you have to subscribe to lots of third party services that transforms your blog to …

Cool new map service for Cairo

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UPDATE Service is down!

Cairo rejoice!

We are on the bleeding edge of information technology. We now have a map service that is updated, exact, detailed, bilingual, gives you driving directions and has information about all the spaghetti u-turns they have botched our roads with.

No more stuttering fools giving …