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Severe major procrastination

in «Blogging & Personal» by mostafa

Today, I decided that I will finish something related to work. Something really important that I suck at*. That I am supposed to have ready by tomorrow morning. So as usual I like keeping my ass warm, watch a movie, do some reading, checking my mail, try out all VOIP …

Drupal 5.1

in «Blogging & Personal» by mostafa is now running the latest version of the Drupal CMS v5.1. The update process went very smooth. Now waiting for a BiDi module, for correct alignment of RTL text.


in «Blogging & Personal» by mostafa

Before asking me to get your precious little idea into life. And you need more than just advice. And you lack the resources, logistics, networking, brain power, skill, time and/or effort to get it done.

I will claim total credit for it. In fact you will not be mentioned …

out of sync

in «Blogging & Personal» by mostafa

These holidays, made me aware of how I am totally out of sync with the outside world. I wake up at 12pm to discover that they hanged Saddam. I thought that he was still on trial!

While walking in the streets tonight; I find them deserted, with a sudden drop …

Now it is time to ...

in «Blogging & Personal» by mostafa
  • Get the car washed
  • Change engine oil
  • Fix my laptop
  • Sit down with my patients
  • Do a group therapy
  • Clean up some patients files
  • Add street names to the list of abused medications
  • Send some emails
  • Drink more coffee

Submit story

in «Blogging & Personal» by mostafa

Dear Blog,

Sometimes I stare in front of your 'Submit story' page for hours. I write something very personal in it. A story that will expose my weaknesses and imperfections. A feeling that is naive or childish. Or just plain foolishness I have done. It is important to me to …