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More numbers to donate mobile phone credit to

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You can help the injured from Gaza—being treated in Egyptian hospitals—by transferring mobile credit to their phones. A one minute phone call to Gaza costs around 5 EGPs.

All the patients are accompanied by only one family member or a relative. They were quickly transfered from the overwhelmed …

A black man is always a suspect

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``I know many Muslims," he said. ``I used to live in district six. When we were boys I went to play with the neighbourhood kids. Many of them were Muslims. One day when I was five, I found them going to a house standing in a line. I thought we …

الزينوفوبيا في جنوب إفريقيا

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من 6 أشهر تقريبا، تعرض الاجئين داخل جنوب إفريقيا لهجمات واسعة و في أماكن متفرقة. تلك الهجمات ليست الأولى التي تستهدف الاجئين. ولكن هذه المرة الحجم كان أكبر بكثير وراح ضحيتها العديد من الأرواح.