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Torture and police, what now?

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AlJazeera English Inside Story aired a 25 minutes interview with psychiatrist Dr. Ahmed Okasha, Hisham Safie Eldin a former police officer and Wael Omar a film maker about torture and the relationship between people and the police.

The program showed some footage of police officers and policemen protesting in the …

تفجيرات الأسكندرية

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مش عارف أرتب اللي عايز أقوله أو التفكير بوضوح بعد تفجير اليوم.

صور ما بعد الأنفجار تذكرني ببغداد.

ساعات من الرعب والهلع في مطلع عام جديد. صدمة.

هل العمل في التوعية في الموضيع الغير مثيرة للجدل مثل التعذيب هو تضييع وقت؟ بمعنى الناس كلها في أغلب الوقت متفقة على أن …

Rehabilitation of Police Officers?

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Since change from the top seems unlikely. Civil society should establish programs to reach out and provide alternative career options for current police officers who are willing to leave their jobs.

For example, they may help them transform into lawyers. NGOs may fund masters programs in different Law schools, provide …

Stencil fear

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Three days ago, an artist spray painted a stencil graphic on the grounds of down town Cairo by night, which next morning alarmed the state security and prompted wide questioning of people. Possibly on that same night and by coincidence Mo'men, a fast-food chain, stuck small stickers. What Mo'men did …