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Zaha Hadid's Cairo Expo City will destroy Egypt's largest and most important Mental Health Hospital

UPDATE Wed. Dec 29, 2010:The Supreme Council for Antiquities announced today that building housing the Abbaseyya Psychiatric Hospital will be listed as an Islamic heritage site.

UPDATE Mon. Apr 18, 2010:
The designs changed on Zaha's website to include the hospital. Thanks to Luiz for the tip.


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The new Kindle

in «Technology, Linux & Free/Open Source Software» by moftasa


LCD screens on your flat-screen TV, laptop or phone are direct descendants of the cathode-ray tube TV. Difficult for prolonged reading. Although recently I read around 400 pages of a textbook on my laptop, I had to, it was difficult and wasn't an enjoyable experience. The last time I enjoyed …

Rehabilitation of Police Officers?

in «Politics & Human Rights» by moftasa

Since change from the top seems unlikely. Civil society should establish programs to reach out and provide alternative career options for current police officers who are willing to leave their jobs.

For example, they may help them transform into lawyers. NGOs may fund masters programs in different Law schools, provide …