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Batel (swearing-in) protest

in «Politics & Human Rights» by moftasa

I passed in front of the usual police and security personnel to enter and join the crowd. I noticed fewer cameras. Or was the number of journalists dissolved by the number of protesters ? I noticed copies of the "Batel" poster. I started searching for other banners I made while searching …

Windsurfing update

in «Blogging & Personal» by moftasa

Wow, it is a superb feeling just as soon as the wind pushes your sail and your board start running fast on the surface of the water.

I am going to take windsurfing more seriously. I finished 3 courses till now. Although I don't stay for long on the board …


in «Blogging & Personal» by moftasa

I wrote an account on my trip to Sudan on 18th of March 2004, I didn't have this blog to post it to. So I emailed it to everyone I knew. I guess it is worth putting here. Since this post is very long, I tried to add as much …