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I finished gynecology and obstetrics

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  • (insert here a very common interjection that is usually cut out from TV and films in Egypt. Alexandrians consider it a harmless preposition)
  • (insert here the Arabic slang for what gynaecologists work around all day.) + (insert the Arabic word for mother)
  • (insert here the Arabic slang for the position in …

Back from Dahab

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Well, apart from the standard activities you can do in Sinai like snorkeling, hiking, sleeping on the mountain that God spoke in a way that God would never appreciate, sleeping on the beach and dodging police flashlights at night, watching the sunrise and seagulls, sleeping in an Internet cafe along …

several picks

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This post is a little bit different. I would like to share some of my bookmarks and things I found on the Internet.

Few of the best music tracks I found available under a non restrictive license. They deserve a mention here as they made it to my main playlist …

A minor quake

in «Local & Regional» by moftasa

Whoa, a very minor quake happened few minutes ago (19:17). My heart dropped for a moment, I remembered October '92. I guess I am seismophobic. It probably lasted around 20 seconds. Till now there is no information at the USGS website. May be it was so mild that it …