Crossing gulfs

What if you want to cross the Aqaba with your windsurf to reach Saudi?

photo by [Shearwater|].
!Here are some numbers:
* Distance from Club Dahab to a straight line point to the other side of the gulf of Aqaba is 26 Km (minumum distance = 25 Km). This is actually the widest point of the gulf of Aqaba.
* Distance from MoonBeach to a straight line point to the other side of the gulf of Suez is 23 Km

!In both cases:
* Visible horizon in case of excellent visibility would be 4.7Km (if your height above sea level is approx = 1.7m)
* This means a person with binoculars should be watching you from a height slightly above 52 meters above sea level, to monitor your progress and send help if necessary. Radio communication is important.

!It will probably take you to cross the Aqaba:
* If you are [Finian Maynard|] (Average of 85Km/h): 18 minutes!!
* More realistic speed would be 40Km/h: 39 minutes.

!Provided that the conditions are:

Good winds

Clear visibility

Waves are not very high

Proper sail size

You don't get tired

You keep pointing to the right direction while sailing

No equipment breaks

Dolphins will not make you fall off your board

I have no idea what the Saudi authorities would do if you land on their coasts.

!!Don't forget that you have to return!