The Black Death didn't happen

It is impossible that 34 million people died in Europe in 3 years (1347-1350). The number is very large. It is also important to resist the numbers published by the West, it is a conspiracy to hurt Arabs and Muslims. There are secret Freemason documents that accurately describes the number to be around 4 thousand individuals died in Europe. When the disease reached Mecca and the Arab world it killed more people than in Europe. Everyone died in the Arab and Muslim world that no one was left to record the number of deaths. Not like what the crusaders wants the world to believe. The myth of the plague is to help the state of Israel to exist, since they thought that Jews were responsible for transmitting disease, they thought they would rather quarantine them in a state outside Europe and across the Mediterranean.

Now Israel poses a great threat to the survival of Arabs and Muslims, at any one time this biological time bomb would explode killing millions of Muslims.

Please send this truth to everyone and in all languages.