140 characters of trauma

These are concise formulations of 8 different cases I have seen. All are in 140 characters or less. All people mentioned are refugees.

This is just an experiment with this format.

@gazamom writes about her day long ordeal in Cairo airport transit area

I hold a Palestinian Authority passport. It replaced the "temporary two-year Jordanian passport for Gaza residents" that we held until the Oslo Accords and the creation of the Palestinian Authority in the mid '90s, which itself replaced the Egyptian travel documents we held before that. A progression in a long line of stateless documentation.


This website did all the work.

Original photo by Jack Shenker

Sarah hosted the original image, came up with "Nope" and gave it her blessings.

Jaiku: No more international SMS

Jaiku announced yesterday that they will support SMS to the US only. Jaiku was down for more than 24 hours because they were converting the software to an open-source version called JaikuEngine.

They will also stop feed-fetching which was a nice feature that created a Facebook like mini-feed (or FriendFeed like) on the users' homepage to follow the activities of your friends on other sites.

In short, Jaiku now is going to be pretty useless.

Introductory presentation for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions for Palestine movement

This is an introductory presentation for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) for Palestine movement.

From the BDS site.

State security is now following YOU!

The way Twitter notifies you by email about new followers brought me an idea. What if instead of user X is following you, something more serious was following you. Something evil that usually follows people.

State security is now following you on Twitter

Mobile Shop: Job opportunities are for men only

mobile shop logo

I receive wrong emails often. Sometimes they are funny but usually plain boring. I also receive around 5000 spam messages per week.

Today I received the following email from Mobile Shop HR department. They have two job opportunities. The first is something called "Sales Maker" and it seems to be gender specific. The other is called "Net woek Admin" and it requires, among a list of technical stuff, good command of English language.

Language issues aside. Is this sex limitation legal, specially when it is not a job that requires strenuous activity (and shouldn't they leave this for the person to decide)?

Mobile Shop runs 58 branches across Egypt.

Read it:

Title sales maker

Company Profile:


Job Details & Qualifications:

Employment Type: Permanente.

Job Type: Full Time.

Gender: Males

Job Location: ALL EGYPT

Preferred Major: Any

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities:

Ø Excellent command of English Language.

Ø Very Good Knowledge of MS Office.

Ø Prefer candidates with SALES ADVANTAGECertificate.


Send an updated C.V. with a Personal Photo via Email: ISLAM_HR@MOBILESHOPEGYPT.COM



§ Can Deal with All Microsoft Windows Systems.

§ Assist in designing and implement and maintain networks including Voip

§ Troubleshoots users problems(OS,Applications,Hardware,and Network)

§ Maintain Microsoft networks and connectivity including domain / groups.

§ Configure, monitor, and maintain email applications and virus

Protection software and ADSL.

IRAN: A Nation of Bloggers

خطف فيليب رزق

ترجمة لتدوينة سارة كار من مدونة تفاهات عن أحداث يوم خطف فيليب رزق.

عطلة نهاية الأسبوع الأخيرة أظهرت أن العدالة يمكن أن تهدم من أساسها بطرق كثيرة، بما في ذلك بواسطة ميكروباص سوزوكي أبيض.

في يوم الجمعة، نظم الصحافي و طالب الماجستير وصانع الأفلام والمدون فيليب رزق وأخرون مسيرة من ضمن حملتهم "إلي غزة" وأنا ذهبت للتغطيتها. لم أخذ الكلمة على محمل الجد. و لكن أنتهى الأمر بأننا مشينا ما يقرب المليون كيلومتر للمحافظة المجاورة.

الحرية للعميد ميت

كان من المفترض أن أضع هنا صورة لي بسلاح بلاستيك. السبب هو مشاركة الأخوة المدونون في حملتهم لدعم المدون محمد عادل. محمد (العميد ميت) عادل قبضت علية مباحث أمن الدولة بعد ما شارك قافلة إغاذة لغزة في نوفمبر الماضي و نشر صورة له بسلاح كلاشنكوف ملك أحد فصائل حماس.

من مراقب مصري: