International Society for Bipolar Disorder: New Guidelines

photo of DSM-IV-TR

Published in the latest(April 2008) issue of Psychiatric Times an article about proposed new diagnostic guidelines for bipolar disorder by the International Society of Bipolar Disorder.

These new proposed guidelines might give insight to what may be set in the DSM-V. The two biggest changes will be discarding the Schizoaffective disorder and addition of a pediatric bipolar disorder.

4 years of Gmail

Gmail logo

4 years passed today since I signed up for a gmail account. I received an invitation via Blogger. This was about 3 weeks after Google announced the 1GB inbox.

This secured my best email address:

At that time, this was a mindbogglingly huge webmail inbox. Yahoo! & Hotmail offered few MegaBytes for each user, as far as I can remember nothing more than 5MB.

عالم الصحافة الأسود في مصر‏:‏ كذب وتلفيق وتحريض علي التخلف

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أكاذيب مفضوحة‏,‏ وألفاظ مطاطة‏,‏ وسب وقذف بلا حسيب ولا رقيب‏,‏ وأخبار كاذبة‏,‏ ودعوات للتشهير‏,‏ ومحاولات للوقيعة بين أبناء الشعب الواحد‏.‏ هذه هي الصورة السوداء للصحافة الرسمية في مصر حاليا للأسف الشديد‏,‏ والتي رسم سوادها قلة من السياسيين‏,‏ وإن كان هذا السواد يغطي حاليا علي أغلبية استخدامات هذه الوسيلة الإعلامية التي يفترض أنها أكثر عراقه ونظافة من هذا المستوي إلي الدرجة التي بات الأمر معها يستدعي وقفة من القراء ضد هذه الإساءات والانتهاكات الصارخة قبل المطالبة بتدخل الجهات الشعبية لإعادة التوازن إلي هذه المنطقة الخطرة علي المجتمع وعقلة واستقراره وحريته‏!‏

Why handcuffing patients in hospitals is not a good idea?

Here are the reasons for not handcuffing a patient who is a prisoner or a suspect.

معبد الحزب الوطني

معبد الحزب الوطني

ماهو رد الفعل الخاص بك عندما تجد معبد يهودي بالقاهرة لم تكن تعرف بوجودة؟

ماذا يخطر على بالك عندما تجد المعبد؟

هل تريد أن تنظر الى واجهتة و تقارنها بالمعابد الأخرى و تتأمل متى بُني وتتمنى أن يسمح لك بالدخول لإطفاء فضولك؟

تأجيل جلسة التداول بالبورصة صباح يوم الاضراب

Quantitative assesment of the strike?

I wonder if there are any public data that can be used to assess the effects of the strike. And I wonder if this data could be analyzed statistically to see if there were any significant difference as a result of the strike.

So, do you have any ideas?

Videotastic intestinal worms

The following videos are damn interesting, but not for the faint of heart. The following is a video of a 20 cm long worm inside the colon of some person.


Congratulations, you killed all Mubarak clones in his palace. Yet, his geneticists created mutated underground worms and moles that carry his genes. They look very similar to the president. It is your final step to free the country from the grip of this dictator!

Mubarak is a dead man!

Kill the bastard, shoot him down. Non violence didn't work, neither did kicking him so why not use your AK-47 to hunt him down!

You cornered the Egyptian president somewhere after days of fighting with your guerrilla troops. You burned down the main NDP building, your troops took control of the radio and TV building and you infiltrated the army.