700 live snakes on an Egyptair plane


CAIRO, Egypt (AP) -- Customs officers at Cairo's airport have detained a man bound for Saudi Arabia who was trying to smuggle 700 live snakes on a plane, airport authorities said.

How to be an elitist doctor

Occasionally doctors do some of the following mistakes and usually they do it in social situations and in non-professional settings. With the aim of starting or maintaining conversation. In other words, they try to sound interesting and make their work sound fun.

But only if their conversation were taped and they hear themselves. They would realize (some of them) that they were highly condescending.

Some of the following are unethical. Others are not, you are not breaching patients' privacy but you are talking generally.

Here is how to be an elitist doctor:

  • Discuss how ignorant and dumb some patients might be,
  • Discuss delusions or strange behavior of patients,
  • Discuss how unclean some patients might be,

POV of a first person shooter


When you are playing a first person shooter, the second player, your team mate is essential for you.

The same thing here:

President Bush viewed the Israeli leader as essential to Middle East peace efforts.

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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

I sat down facing the machine with its hand-held coil pointed to my head and I started receiving few pulses of magnetic stimulation. Both doctors said almost at the same time "We reached the motor threshold." and they stopped cranking up the Amps. I asked for explanation. They said to me that my hand is twitching in reaction to the impulses. I tried to explain that those few twitches were voluntary and I made them. "Wait for the repetitive stimulation then." one of them said.

Free Monem

Blogger and Al Hewar TV channel correspondant, Abdel Monem Mahmoud detained on Sunday morning after several conflicting reports of his arrest. This is a timeline that clears things up.

This was not the first time Monem was detained. He was tortured by state security forces.

Can women make sperm?

UPDATE: All my speculations are likely to be not possible. There are parts of the Y chromosome essential for spermatogenesis. So what I speculate is fiction.

Men are obsolete. They are not needed anymore to sustain life on this planet. Sounds science fiction?

No, I am not talking about cloning, and making exact replicas. I am talking about women making sperms with an X chromosomes so they could reproduce and make more females. The sperm could be from one woman and the egg from a different one.

We are not there yet but the BBC has [this story|http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/6547675.stm#graphic]: ;: ''Scientists say they have successfully made immature sperm cells from human bone marrow samples.''

Facebook sucks?

It is wrong to think that following your friends online will introduce you to new ideas, opportunities and information. However, if you spend the same amount of time reading other people ideas but following a certain topic that interest you. This will probably expose you to more information, viewpoints, ideas, etc..

Space travel: cool & fun

Selfie of an Astronaut

As if I am not living in this world. But, it seems that the prospects of space tourism for the masses are being laid out these days. I might be a little late to realise it but, humans think that a couple of orbits around the blue planet which we call home is worth the money and risks.

Mad and exuberantly rich Richard Branson, is actually one of the most enthusiastic and he has competition already. But, he didn't get any tourists in space yet, not even

twitter is down

Damn ... twitter is down. Tech addiction withdrawal. ok will do nothing in protest and go to sleep.

update: it's back.

Google maps mashups

Created mashups of several weblogs.


Your favourite cheap automated Egyptian blogs aggregator. BTW, not all posts appearing on the main page will be displayed on the map. The admin's favorited posts only, as there is no way I can find the RSS of the whole thing.

Omraneya + Google maps

Global Voices Online

This one is pretty cool. Global Voices Online is a non-profit global citizens’ media project. Basicly a selection of what bloggers around the world are saying. Hand picked and refined.