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تويطر .. التامجوتشي الجديد !؟

هل تتذكر التاماجوتشي، اللعبة التافهة التي تذكرك بالجيم أند واطش ولكن أنتشرت في منتصف التسعينيات في اليابان ثم أنطلقت الى العالم كله في أيدي من لا يعلم أن هناك ما هو أروش من أن تمسح الفضلات الاكترونية و تغذي كائن الكتروني معاق ؟ دي كانت الخطوة الأولة في أستأناس البرمجيات.

الحقيقة أن التاماجوتشي كفكرة ليست بطالة و لكن لمدة ٤ دقائق فقط. الأهتمام و الولع في ذلك الوقت كان غير مفهوم. و البرامجيات متوقعه و جامدة من الصعب أن تحبها.

Off to the beach (with your surfboard) experience

A collection of photos of cars with surfboards, heading to the beach.

These are photos of windsurfers and wave surfers. But there is not much of a difference it is the same experience. I am dying to wake up early put on the roof rack, the equipment and head to the beach.

Twitter is cool

Twitter is a tumblelog. A cool one. You can add tiny posts from IM, SMS or web. With a social networking ability.

I like it, this is the kind of app I find more useful than IM to keep in touch with people. Simply telling people what's going on with me. Also cool when one reads those tiny posts after a year or so.

Big Screen Memories

I had to keep the work's LCD projector for two days with me. Watched Taxi Driver with the pink dragon, the Waragi master and the Wesnothian knight. As usual I had to repay my REM debt during the film. But I have a general idea what the film was about.

Yesterday, I was lucky again and had to keep the projector with me. I watched another film, meet the fockers, it was great and everything but...

I displayed a slideshow with the LCD projector of some photos I have. It was a totally different experience.

Severe major procrastination

Today, I decided that I will finish something related to work. Something really important that I suck at*. That I am supposed to have ready by tomorrow morning. So as usual I like keeping my ass warm, watch a movie, do some reading, checking my mail, try out all VOIP applications and did nothing related to the work I should do. I even didn't bother to bring the file from the car downstairs.

Finally, at almost 3am, I decided to get the job done. Only to discover that I left the file at work. How nice.

الجاسوس اللوطي الكافر الفاشل أبو ريحة وحشة

هل أنا لوحدي شايف أن قصة الجاسوس دي قصة في غاية السخافة ؟ و أن الخبر المنشور بجريدة الأهرام هو طعم لمن هم ذكائهم من رقمين و على الحركرك ؟

Drupal 5.1 is now running the latest version of the Drupal CMS v5.1. The update process went very smooth. Now waiting for a BiDi module, for correct alignment of RTL text.


Before asking me to get your precious little idea into life. And you need more than just advice. And you lack the resources, logistics, networking, brain power, skill, time and/or effort to get it done.

I will claim total credit for it. In fact you will not be mentioned as a source of inspiration. And if it is not possible to claim total credit, then let this idea of yours rot till you find someone else to do it for you.

Hopefully, this will silence many assholes.

out of sync

These holidays, made me aware of how I am totally out of sync with the outside world. I wake up at 12pm to discover that they hanged Saddam. I thought that he was still on trial!

While walking in the streets tonight; I find them deserted, with a sudden drop in population density. More that what is common for Eid; to discover by a phone call, that was probably annoying to the other end, that there is an Ahly vs. Zamalek match. Best thing is that my visit to some TV-glued relatives was brief as I didn't need to waste their football match.

These days, I talk alot about myself and my work. I am sure, I am now trained, after months of sensory deprivation, to think that me and my work are the center of the universe. I would like to apologize for all the people who had to suffer and listen to my narcissistic stories, and which them Happy Eid and a Happy New year.