March 29: Solar Eclipse

We are one of the lucky countries to be in the path of the Moon's umbral shadow in the upcoming solar eclipse. We can see a total eclipse from El-Sallum. Many people are already planning their trips and are going to set up camps and other observational areas for scientists and non-scientists. I personally want to go and watch the bright disc.

You can find more information regarding the 29th of March eclipse on the following links:

ISPs block 3 websites

JC says that that he received two emails informing him that three main opposition websites are now blocked by the government. Users of the main ISPs (Linkdotnet, Tedata and Raya) in Egypt cannot have any access to these sites anymore.

بطاقة إنتخابية ... بالتظبيط !

الدافع الرئيس للتسجيل و الحصول على بطاقة إنتخاب هو الشعور بأمكانية إحداث تغيير. من المحزن أن تصدر تلك البطاقة ولو جزئيا بنفس الطرق التي تأمل أن تراها تختفي.

اليوم ذهبت الى قسم الشرطة لأستخراج بعض الأوراق. صحيفة الحالة الجنائية و صور من شهادة الميلاد و السؤال عن بطاقة الإنتخاب.

بعد سؤال عدد من الأفراد، أنضممت لطابور رجال من مختلف الأعمار و الأشكال. جميعهم يرتدون ملابس بنية اللون و مخالفة لما تقترحه أشعة الشمس. جميعهم متشبث بنفس الأوراق متقدمين لنفس الغرض: صحيفة الحالة الجنائية.

English Wikipedia reaches 1 million articles

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia which anyone can edit, reaches a new milestone. In a record 5 years, thousands of volunteers created the world's largest encyclopedia. It is probably one of the largest internet collaboration projects ever attempted.

From the press release:

The Black Death didn't happen

It is impossible that 34 million people died in Europe in 3 years (1347-1350). The number is very large. It is also important to resist the numbers published by the West, it is a conspiracy to hurt Arabs and Muslims. There are secret Freemason documents that accurately describes the number to be around 4 thousand individuals died in Europe. When the disease reached Mecca and the Arab world it killed more people than in Europe. Everyone died in the Arab and Muslim world that no one was left to record the number of deaths. Not like what the crusaders wants the world to believe. The myth of the plague is to help the state of Israel to exist, since they thought that Jews were responsible for transmitting disease, they thought they would rather quarantine them in a state outside Europe and across the Mediterranean.

اتحاد المهن الطبية : يقاطع أدوية وأغذية الدانمرك والنرويج


طالب اتحاد المهن الطبية أعضاءه من الأطباء البشريين والأسنان والصيادلة والبيطريين بضرورة الالتزام بمقاطعة المنتجات الدانمركية والنرويجية من الأدوية والأغذية والألبان وغيرها.

ويأتي قرار الاتحاد احتجاجًا على تطاول الصحف فى هاتين الدولتين على مقام النبى الكريم – صلى الله عليه وسلم – وتضامنًا مع كافة الهيئات فى جميع الدول الإسلامية .

وذكر د. محمود عبد المقصود امين عام الاتحاد ان الأنسولين يأتي على رأس الأدوية المطلوب مقاطعتها خاصة مع توافر الأنسولين المصري من إنتاج هيئة المصل واللقاح . وأكد ان الاتحاد شكل لجنة خاصة لمتابعة المنتجات والبدائل المتوفرة بالسوق المصري.

10 random links

Interesting links I found by chance, that are not widely known. They are all tagged `egypt' in my bookmarks:

1. Old Coca-Cola Bottling Plant PR film


This is a coca cola PR film made in the late 40s or early 50s in Egypt ... super cool and very funny. Worth the download.

2. Pyramid Cam


The Neurology of Love

Italian researchers published a research last November that suggests the condition of "falling in love" appears to be associated with elevated levels of a nerve growth factor in the bloodstream.

Enzo Emanuele of the University of Pavia and colleagues suspected that a diversity of biological mechanisms might be involved in precipitating the mental state called "falling in love," a state characterized by obsessive thinking about one's beloved, craving for union with him or her, euphoria, and increased energy. And one of the mechanisms that the researchers thought might be implicated are neurotrophins—brain chemicals that nourish nerves and that have been increasingly recognized as potential mediators of anxiety and other emotions.

Danish pharmaceuticals

This post is not pro or against the boycott of Danish products. I am just asking you a question. An ethical one.

There are two very important international Danish pharmaceuticals. Lundbeck and Novo Nordisk. Lundbeck is one of the leading companies in producing drugs for psychiatric and neurological disorders. Novo Nordisk is the one of leading companies in making products for diabetic patients, from insulin to hi-tech means of injecting it.

أنتهيت من التربية العسكرية

أوف على دي دورة ملهاش أي لازمة، 11 يوم من قلة قيمة و بهدلة ملهاش داعي. قال أية علشان تزود الوعي و الأنتماء لدى الطلبة. الأستفادة الوحيدة انى كنت بقعد فى الخلف و بخلص 90 صفحة فى اليوم من أى قصة أمسكها.

حبة صور علشانكم و علشان الذكرى الخالدة. الصور دي كنت بخاطر فيها بالكاميرا.

التربية العسكرية