Al-Salam Boccaccio 98

More than one thousand families have lost a loved one. They have lost a member of the family that already had it the hard way; a manual labourer in the Gulf. Most of them trying to collect as much few money as they could, so they can help their own family survive.

Air quality today

Today is probably the worst and the most polluted day ever. I have never seen Cairo so polluted, smoggy and with such a choking stench.

How to smuggle your favourite drink into the stadium

(or anywhere)

A couple of my friends were fantasizing about taking their favourite drinks with them to the stadium. Since their favourite drink is beer which is never sold in the stadium, they felt something was missing. They were also complaining about how expensive water and carbonated beverages were sold inside. They mentioned to me how thoroughly everyone is searched at the gates. With a very strict rule; no foods or drinks allowed. All bags are searched and they are forced to pass through metal detectors.

Well the solution lies in a cheap and simple device:

Egypt is free from Polio

... World Health Organization officials say, the birthplace of polio appears for the first time to have ceased to be a source of transmission of the virus, with no new cases recorded in Egypt over the past 12 months ...

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التربية العسكرية

أهم أجزاء خطة كبيرة لتحويل طلبة الجامعات الى قطعان من الخراف المستأنسة.


Blog is still alive

Well, some of you may have noticed that my blog was down for several days now. Even google cached the error message displayed by server.

google cache

I fixed it my self. Well, this comes as a development as I have always feared to learn MySQL administration and considering it something very alien to me. Well after a few minutes of googling I found that I had to drop the cache table as it was corrupt and recreate it. This post helped me recreate it. Later on i discovered that I only need to use the command truncate table cache;.

Yet another new year

Yawn ... So it is 2006. I can't figure what is so exciting about new year celebration. What are people celebrating exactly ? That planet Earth continued its rotation around the Sun successfully ? Didn't she rotate around the sun, billions of times before. She slows down a little bit, year after year. But nothing serious.

BTW, I have been blogging for one year. I can't find this exciting either.

I guess I am depressed.


For the third time this year. A 6 day windsurfing break. I hope it will be warm, sunny and with some good wind.

سنوية التسونامي

من سنة تقريبا رج زلزال المحيط الهندي العالم كلة. عرفنا بنوع جديد من الكوارث. قتل آلاف البشر، بالتقريب 275,000 و العدد غير دقيق و مازال يراجع. و تشرد 14 ألف شخص و شرد أكثر من مليون شخص.

حضرتِك ...أنتِ أصلِك سمكة

أنا: فالموضوع كله سببه حرف واحد على جين أسمة SLC24A5 ، فالأنسان الأفريقي مختلف عن الأوروبي من ناحية اللون بحرف واحد. حرف واحد عمل البلاوى الى في تاريخ البشرية و عبودية و حروب كلها طلع سببها حرف واحد.