Sudoko GIF

I am spending hours doing nothing except playing Sudoku. It is very addictive. I don't even want to write about it a lot. Just this breif post is sufficient, I am in the middle of solving a puzzle right now.

Read more about Sudoku.

GlobalVoices summit: Join us online

UPDATE already started, thanks for Sabbah for the photo. More photos on flickr

In few minutes (sorry for not announcing earlier). The 2nd GlobalVoices summit will start. GVO Editors, bloggers and journalists will be participating.

Hashiriya: Japanese drag racing

Speeding Car in a Tunnel

MasaMania writes (with tons of photos) about street racing in Tokyo. Hashiriya is the name of the races. Seeing the photos I never could have imagined that there could be so much powerful cars in just one place.

And the rules are:

Egyptian journalist detained

Alaa reports that armed state security forces detained the Egyptian journalist Ahmad Abdollah "Abo Islam". They broke in to his house on Monday. Five bloggers visited him and knew from his son that state security forces threatened his family at gun point and confiscated computer hard drives, CDs and books. He was a member of the Labour "El A'aml" party, former editor in ASha'ab newspaper and published two other newspapers. Currently he writes on a website called Balady Net. Abo Islam runs the Center for Islamic Enlightenment, which aims at bringing different religions closer together.

The Fiat 128 is back

The Egyptian version of the Zastava 128 GLS is back and available for sale. The Car of the year 1969 is back in production in 2005. Well, actually it is almost 2006 by now.

Speaking of 2006 and the 21st century and so on. Read about hybrid vehicles.

Instant Anonymity

If you don't want to end up like Abdolkarim and think that being anonymous is no easy feat. Check TorPark: ;:Download TorPark for your language, and put it on a USB Flash key chain. Plug it into any internet terminal whether at home, school, or public. Run Torpark.exe and it will launch a Tor circuit connection, which creates an encrypted tunnel from your computer directly to a Tor exit computer, giving the appearance of having the Tor exit computer's IP.

It is basically a pre-configured and ready to run version of Tor and Firefox on a flash drive.

She will be back

This is a story that touches anyone. Her smile now is far more powerful than the bomb.

Aljazeera 2.0

Aljazeera responds to the leaked memo about US wanting to bomb their HQ using web 2.0 tools. They are blogging in first person narrative of personal stories just like bloggers do and allowing comments. They are using flickr. They are tagging the photos. They chose a creative commons license for their photos. And you can send them emails to their gmail account.

I wonder when will they store their video on, let us locate their reporters using google maps and hear their first podcast ?

Victory Photo

I ran out of passport sized photos. I went to a professional photographer Kodak Spot to get my self a decent photo so I could use to apply for military education. Look if you don't know what is military education, don't ask. It is the most ridiculous thing ever.

And the photo sucks.

They stopped using celluloid film and SLRs. Instead, obviously to cut costs, they are using a cheap old Olympus digital camera. The camera took about 6 photos of me blinking.

Finally the guy took a decent photo. We agreed that he would print it. But the asshole printed a different one with my eyes ptosed in the middle of a blink.

The camera also has something wrong with colors, contrast or exposure. I don't know. But these are not the same colors of my shirt and my skin. They are several degrees lighter.

Recycle your phone battery

Mobinil is encouraging mobile phone users to recycle their old batteries. The company will give a 5 EGP Alo prepaid card or a gift in exchange for your old mobile battery.

From a press release:

MobiNil has committed itself to creating a collection system for used batteries, which are then shipped to specialized plants in the UK and Europe for safe recycling.