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Hungry Kids Eating BBQ Kofta

They tagged me back in 2005 and I am responding now!

The following was never published I wrote it back in 2005. I thought I will finish it, but I never did. I think it needs to see the light.

I always tried not to reveal a lot about myself on this blog. But I think this is no longer important. Mohammed Sameer tagged me, I have no choice but to get it all out in the open.

!!10 years ago: 14 years old, 3rd year preparatory...

Big Screen Memories

I had to keep the work's LCD projector for two days with me. Watched Taxi Driver with the pink dragon, the Waragi master and the Wesnothian knight. As usual I had to repay my REM debt during the film. But I have a general idea what the film was about.

Yesterday, I was lucky again and had to keep the projector with me. I watched another film, meet the fockers, it was great and everything but...

I displayed a slideshow with the LCD projector of some photos I have. It was a totally different experience.

Severe major procrastination

Today, I decided that I will finish something related to work. Something really important that I suck at*. That I am supposed to have ready by tomorrow morning. So as usual I like keeping my ass warm, watch a movie, do some reading, checking my mail, try out all VOIP applications and did nothing related to the work I should do. I even didn't bother to bring the file from the car downstairs.

Finally, at almost 3am, I decided to get the job done. Only to discover that I left the file at work. How nice.

out of sync

These holidays, made me aware of how I am totally out of sync with the outside world. I wake up at 12pm to discover that they hanged Saddam. I thought that he was still on trial!

While walking in the streets tonight; I find them deserted, with a sudden drop in population density. More that what is common for Eid; to discover by a phone call, that was probably annoying to the other end, that there is an Ahly vs. Zamalek match. Best thing is that my visit to some TV-glued relatives was brief as I didn't need to waste their football match.

These days, I talk alot about myself and my work. I am sure, I am now trained, after months of sensory deprivation, to think that me and my work are the center of the universe. I would like to apologize for all the people who had to suffer and listen to my narcissistic stories, and which them Happy Eid and a Happy New year.

Departure: PSY | Arrival: NEU

All passengers are strongly advised to fasten their seat belts in the Neurology department.

After living 8 months (officially 6) in Psychiatry, I will have to start a new life in the land of Neurology.


Happy Eid, I am on my way to Ras Sudr for Windsurfing. I was not sold at a slave shop, I must have some fun.

200 days of psychiatry

I have spent almost 200 days in the Psychiatry department as a visiting resident. I didn't finish residency, I am far from it. But I felt today an urge to blog and quickly write without much thinking..

If you have been following this blog, I used to update you infrequently about my personal matters and then I suddenly disappeared. With only few posts.

I got sucked in a black (or rather a rabbit) hole called the Ain Shams University Institute of Psychiatry.

Let me say that I am having the most amazing and frustrating experience of my lifetime. If not the most important to me professionally, if wouldn't commit suicide or choose another career. Aside from stress and the frustrations I having due to catastrophic social and recreational losses I am experiencing.

Submit story

Dear Blog,

Sometimes I stare in front of your 'Submit story' page for hours. I write something very personal in it. A story that will expose my weaknesses and imperfections. A feeling that is naive or childish. Or just plain foolishness I have done. It is important to me to confess and to let it all out. But I never click submit. I delete it and do something else. I think we are not good friends. But, anyways, thanks for listening to my boring posts.


Yet another new year

Yawn ... So it is 2006. I can't figure what is so exciting about new year celebration. What are people celebrating exactly ? That planet Earth continued its rotation around the Sun successfully ? Didn't she rotate around the sun, billions of times before. She slows down a little bit, year after year. But nothing serious.

BTW, I have been blogging for one year. I can't find this exciting either.

I guess I am depressed.