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Videotastic intestinal worms

The following videos are damn interesting, but not for the faint of heart. The following is a video of a 20 cm long worm inside the colon of some person.

7 medical myths reviewed

If you think that:

How to be an elitist doctor

Occasionally doctors do some of the following mistakes and usually they do it in social situations and in non-professional settings. With the aim of starting or maintaining conversation. In other words, they try to sound interesting and make their work sound fun.

But only if their conversation were taped and they hear themselves. They would realize (some of them) that they were highly condescending.

Some of the following are unethical. Others are not, you are not breaching patients' privacy but you are talking generally.

Here is how to be an elitist doctor:

  • Discuss how ignorant and dumb some patients might be,
  • Discuss delusions or strange behavior of patients,
  • Discuss how unclean some patients might be,

Can women make sperm?

UPDATE: All my speculations are likely to be not possible. There are parts of the Y chromosome essential for spermatogenesis. So what I speculate is fiction.

Men are obsolete. They are not needed anymore to sustain life on this planet. Sounds science fiction?

No, I am not talking about cloning, and making exact replicas. I am talking about women making sperms with an X chromosomes so they could reproduce and make more females. The sperm could be from one woman and the egg from a different one.

We are not there yet but the BBC has [this story|]: ;: ''Scientists say they have successfully made immature sperm cells from human bone marrow samples.''

200 days of psychiatry

I have spent almost 200 days in the Psychiatry department as a visiting resident. I didn't finish residency, I am far from it. But I felt today an urge to blog and quickly write without much thinking..

If you have been following this blog, I used to update you infrequently about my personal matters and then I suddenly disappeared. With only few posts.

I got sucked in a black (or rather a rabbit) hole called the Ain Shams University Institute of Psychiatry.

Let me say that I am having the most amazing and frustrating experience of my lifetime. If not the most important to me professionally, if wouldn't commit suicide or choose another career. Aside from stress and the frustrations I having due to catastrophic social and recreational losses I am experiencing.


She was one of the top ten students in the whole country in secondary education. She asked the minister for a night job to help support her family of two parents and 7 brothers and sisters.

One day, she stopped sleeping. She became more fun and daring. Other nights she sat alone in the dark and sobbed for no reason thinking life was not worth it. One day she went to her balcony and flashed the street, exposing her naked breasts to the people. She was beaten by her parents. They didn't like her new behaviour. She was admitted to the hospital.

She said she loved me. Like any other guy she sees, she falls in love with him in 2 seconds.

I had to run away from her open arms while she chased me with a starring look and shaking hands.

Her parents took her back home, she didn't complete her treatment.

Danish pharmaceuticals

This post is not pro or against the boycott of Danish products. I am just asking you a question. An ethical one.

There are two very important international Danish pharmaceuticals. Lundbeck and Novo Nordisk. Lundbeck is one of the leading companies in producing drugs for psychiatric and neurological disorders. Novo Nordisk is the one of leading companies in making products for diabetic patients, from insulin to hi-tech means of injecting it.

Egypt is free from Polio

... World Health Organization officials say, the birthplace of polio appears for the first time to have ceased to be a source of transmission of the virus, with no new cases recorded in Egypt over the past 12 months ...

read it in full

Egypt: HIV+


I have nothing new to say. Probably people reading this already know that the moral stigma of HIV is getting more people infected. The ignoramuses fearing that people would be promiscuous because of sex ed, are helping no one. Arguments against teaching teenagers about sex, drugs and condoms are no longer justified. I think more delays in introducing such classes will be a landmark failure in proper reasoning by the Egyptian society.

The network effect as a business model for ROC

First, some of you already know what is ROC. I wrote about it here. In a few words it is a volunteer driven undergraduate medical research course that aims to help medical students learn proper scientific research skills and qualify as research assistants.

As we are in desperate need for proper funding. I think we need to come up with a sort of "business model". Although we don't aim any profits. We aim to be very valuable. So after surfing the wide web. The network effect is probably the most appropriate. The wikipedia article heavily inspired what is written below to the extent that it could be considered a derivative work.