Crossing gulfs

What if you want to cross the Aqaba with your windsurf to reach Saudi?

photo by [Shearwater|].
!Here are some numbers:
* Distance from Club Dahab to a straight line point to the other side of the gulf of Aqaba is 26 Km (minumum distance = 25 Km).

Off to the beach (with your surfboard) experience

A collection of photos of cars with surfboards, heading to the beach.

These are photos of windsurfers and wave surfers. But there is not much of a difference it is the same experience. I am dying to wake up early put on the roof rack, the equipment and head to the beach.


Happy Eid, I am on my way to Ras Sudr for Windsurfing. I was not sold at a slave shop, I must have some fun.

Gone windsurfing

At the same time [people are drowning|], [ships sinking|] from the bad weather and I heared that several ports were closed. I am going to Ras-Sidr.

UPDATE: I am back home, recovering from bruises and sore muscles.


UPDATE: You can see the photos [here|]


For the third time this year. A 6 day windsurfing break. I hope it will be warm, sunny and with some good wind.

Back from Dahab

Well, apart from the standard activities you can do in Sinai like snorkeling, hiking, sleeping on the mountain that God spoke in a way that God would never appreciate, sleeping on the beach and dodging police flashlights at night, watching the sunrise and seagulls, sleeping in an Internet cafe along side a stray dog, sleeping in a bar's toilet, getting your legs bruised and scratched in your first windsurfing lesson, seeing veiled women getting out of the mens room, entering a room where two people were getting laid or whatever freaking mad thing you can do in that town.

Just discovered my new favourite activity in Dahab.

Try ripping and bringing down Mubarak banners at 5am in the morning followed by throwing the banners in the middle of the street and jumping up and down on them, while people can clearly see you from a distance.