The stupid bouncers won't let Per in

UPDATE: Read Sarah's post she has more details.

Woke up this morning to learn from Twitter and text messages that early this morning at 2am, Per Björklund was stopped by the Cairo Airport security and wasn't allowed entrance to the country. He is to be deported back to Prague.

Radioshack Egypt prohibited me from taking photos with my camera phone of a DSLR camera. The guy told me photography is not allowed!

The Canon EOS 1000D I was trying to photograph

There is nothing more stupid or frustrating. This is like going into a bookshop that bans reading.

They shouldn't sell cameras.

I don't carry a pen with me all the time and if I do I won't be carrying a note pad. I take photos of products to remember the name, model and price. No one will pay 5390 EGP without researching the bloody thing they are buying.