6 million in Tahrir

Or rather 6 images of million man marches* (millionyyat) super-imposed on each other.

This was created with a Gimp plug-in that I wrote. This has a limitation of superimposing up to 100 photos.

Here are other samples created by the plug-in.

Radioshack Egypt prohibited me from taking photos with my camera phone of a DSLR camera. The guy told me photography is not allowed!

The Canon EOS 1000D I was trying to photograph

There is nothing more stupid or frustrating. This is like going into a bookshop that bans reading.

They shouldn't sell cameras.

I don't carry a pen with me all the time and if I do I won't be carrying a note pad. I take photos of products to remember the name, model and price. No one will pay 5390 EGP without researching the bloody thing they are buying.