The new Kindle


LCD screens on your flat-screen TV, laptop or phone are direct descendants of the cathode-ray tube TV. Difficult for prolonged reading. Although recently I read around 400 pages of a textbook on my laptop, I had to, it was difficult and wasn't an enjoyable experience. The last time I enjoyed reading a book on an electronic device was using the Palm PDA. I think the Amazon Kindle is a direct descendant of the Palm PDA, real paper and the Etch A Sketch combined. Perhaps other ereaders as well but the Kindle supports the palm doc format and it's more recent incarnation the .mobi format.

Kindle sunset

I won't go into the technical specifics of the new Kindle but I want you to know how electronic paper works. The display is simply formed of tiny barrels each filled with black ink and a small sediment of titanium dioxide at the bottom. When an electric current passes through; the titanium dioxide particles rise to the top where you can see it as white pixels. The pixels, however, can't be seen unless you use a magnifying lens. It's wonderful, if you have a pdf with nice calligraphy you'd be happy just by looking at it.

The Kindle is slightly cheaper and has better Arabic support than all other ebook readers. Arabic PDFs of all kinds appear perfectly and the Webkit browser displays Arabic webpages. However, it doesn't show Arabic text files or mobi files.

Kindle arabic

A Feast of Ebooks

Alaa mentions on his blog our purchase of a CD filled with 267 ebooks from a series published by the Kuwait National Culture and Art Council. The series contain several books in many fields, many of them are translated from popular books. Here is a list of the translated books. They are all in Arabic.