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Thanks to Arto Bendiken for his neat timeline aggregator. Timeline is SIMILE project. I will be using the timeline drupal module instead, as soon as I find out how to use it.

Twitter is cool

Twitter is a tumblelog. A cool one. You can add tiny posts from IM, SMS or web. With a social networking ability.

I like it, this is the kind of app I find more useful than IM to keep in touch with people. Simply telling people what's going on with me. Also cool when one reads those tiny posts after a year or so.

Anonymous comments disabled

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Alaa's arrest: a recap.

UPDATE: Alaa released

Here is a summary of what happened in the past two weeks regarding the arrest of the most prominent Egyptian blogger and a personal friend.

SMSs of the sit in

Alaa sent a number of SMSs from the sit in. Since he couldn't set up his blog to do the same due to Vodaphone putting restrictions on international SMS. These SMS appeared as published posts on the front page of this blog.

I removed the posts from the front page, but they are still accessible.

Some messages got truncated.

Live SMS blogging from the sit-in

Alaa is sending SMS messages to this blog from the judges sit-in more details and here.

UPDATE I finished my phone credit and I am adding the SMSs manually.

Blog is still alive

Well, some of you may have noticed that my blog was down for several days now. Even google cached the error message displayed by server.

google cache

I fixed it my self. Well, this comes as a development as I have always feared to learn MySQL administration and considering it something very alien to me. Well after a few minutes of googling I found that I had to drop the cache table as it was corrupt and recreate it. This post helped me recreate it. Later on i discovered that I only need to use the command truncate table cache;.