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Africa has cured AIDS many times before

The Egyptian military, with their recently announced Complete Cure device, is hardly the first to claim unproven cures for diseases that have ravaged millions of lives. Since the discovery of HIV/AIDS, unproven cures have been advertised and often endorsed by governments all over the world and specially Africa, the continent with the highest rates of infection.

Sharing my depressing thoughts on Egypt

I am slowly developing an apathy towards the current political process. Not sure if future elections are meaningful.

There are no credible politicians left. Maybe few untainted ones exist but they hardly can be popular enough to win seats in any elections, either because they represent fringe ideology or have been smeared by everyone in power.

Seen from space: What Egyptian day labourers have done in 48 years

Often accused of indolence, Egyptian day labourers have contributed a lot to Cairo in the past 48 years. They are never paid decent wage or made to feel secure. Nor can the majority of them afford decent housing. This unprecedented slavery wasn't for a grand project like the Suez canal, it's for the rich to build gated bubbles or to make more money. 80% of all the new developments are left uninhabited.

Why is Egypt's Prosecution Investigating a Toy Gun?

Things that occupy our thoughts often occupy our imagination. But can they affect our perception? As children we all used to stare at clouds and see different shapes, like cars or castles. Our brain tries to find meaning out of things and tries to fill in the gaps of missing information. This is true for all kinds of stimuli.

It's not very often that you read about the general prosecution investigating a child's toy. Usually this may be related to the plastics used or perhaps because of the depiction of violence or adult content. But apart from the prosecution being petty as usual, what should one think when his office opens an investigation on toy guns that allegedly insult prophet Muhammad's wife, Aisha?