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Warning! This post is very old and may contain information or opinions that are no longer valid or embarrassing.

Interesting links I found by chance, that are not widely known. They are all tagged `egypt' in my bookmarks:

1. Old Coca-Cola Bottling Plant PR film


This is a coca cola PR film made in the late 40s or early 50s in Egypt ... super cool and very funny. Worth the download.

2. Pyramid Cam


Finally a live webcam in Egypt. I love webcams. Now this website allows you to take a look at the pyramids every now and then from anywhere. They have a few time-lapse videos too.

3. Posters From Egypt


Nothing beats the colorful hand-drawn old Egyptian film posters, they are true works of art and very nostalgic.

5. EgyMaps

The first and very good map service for greater Cairo. The maps are good, useful and with lots of data, but the interface is not so good. I blogged about this link before.

6. Cairo - a photoset on Flickr


This is a very nice set of astonishingly colorful photos of the murky city with a sleeping disorder, all creative commons.

7. The Architecture of Cairo

Although this is an MIT OCW lecture. It is a very nice tour of the city, giving you more information about the architecture of the buildings and their history. Specially the Islamic architecture. I found a couple of places I never heard about and one that I passed in front of often but never knew anything about. It is not a complete resource but very good.

8. Egyptian Patent Office

Such a pathetic office was in flames a month or two after I have blogged about it. %remember%to%search%this%freaking%way.

9. The Official International Fan Club of Dr. Zahi Hawass


Hawass has a fan club, No kidding !!!

10. Flash Airlines Safety Card

This might be a bit disturbing. I can't remember how I stumbled upon the site listing all the airline safety cards. Anyways, this is a copy of the passenger safety card of the plane that crashed in 2004.